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When the heart of the Andes met the peaks of the Alps,

when the sun and rain fused, the craft store. was born to gift you

colorful stories, respect for nature, and love for crafts.

Our mission is to spread warmth and happiness to every home by infusing handmade, eco-friendly, and functional pieces into everything we create.


MILA | The Crafter 


Mila is the woman behind the brand. She loves creating things, colors, plants and cats

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-13 at 16.35.06.jpeg

NICO | The Craftsman


Nico can build everything in your house—including the house itself. In his free time he loves to build 4x4 campers.


NALA | Production Supervisor

Nala loves to overlook all the tasks in production, taking naps on objects we need to use and sneaking in when we shoot products.

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